Social Media Security

by john-paul on October 19, 2011

Social Media Security –

Businessmen and Woman, Massive social media tip for you all,

Ensure that all your social media activity is at least (at the very minimum) clean and friendly.

If you were a potential client of yours – what would you NOT want to see?

Security is very important, but in this day and age, so is transparency –

You might want certain parts of your social media presence to be private, but you need to ensure that if someone wants to check you out / evaluate you or your services by typing your name or your business name into Google / Facebook (anywhere!), that you and your business appear transparent and willing to share information.

Would you want to do business with someone who appears to have something to hide?…

It is very much a personal preference, what you  share and what you don’t.

For some tips on best practice, drop me a line 07531 061763 or contact us.

Also you need to  remember that anyone can type anything about you on-line, (are yaou aware of what there saying)

Any help with your social media simply contact us

At the very least make sure that you have a late spring clean of your social media accounts!

The below link show’s how it’s starting to work in the USA –  ( They check out social media while simply applying for a job)

Kind of scary stuff -


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